RGB Glow Bar Stool

Brand: Colorfuldeco
Manufacturer: Colorfuldeco

The RGB Glow Bar Stool is a modern piece of furniture powered by an LED lighting system. It is perfect for your kitchen countertop, mini-bar, and garden landscape. It has a unique design that shows a creative pinch despite its natural simplicity. Minimalist yet stylish, this color-changing furniture truly outstands in terms of aesthetics. 

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RGB Glow Bar Stool

RGB Glow Bar Stool of Colorfuldeco is a lighted seat that you can enjoy not only in the kitchen but in your outdoors too. This sturdy piece of furniture can add a luxurious touch to your garden area, pathway, or balcony.

RGB Glow Bar Stool

So, before you push with a kitchen upgrade, pay attention to what you have, what you need, and what you think with your space. Every element matters, but the recent trend evinces that an elegant and chic led bar stool can make or break the kitchen’s modern flair.

Color Changing Furniture

Although you must concentrate on the spaces you need to upgrade, you must also consider the other areas in the house that your RGB led bar stool furniture can accentuate.

Knowing this can justify the need for you to click and add to the cart your choice of the led furniture piece. You may think it’s funny, but no kidding, if your barstool can be a statement piece for another space, then you are making a good purchase. Purchase it to pair with our Curved Light-up Bar Counter Table, and you’ll be surprised that they ultimately look like a stunning ensemble.

The modern color-changing led bar stools from Colorfuldeco don’t end up just providing seats. They can serve as night lamps, garden illumination decor, and emergency lights too!

Color Changing Furniture

The LED technology and RGB system made it possible for these barstools to glow at night. And this is without the need for complicated wires. Hence, they are perfect for night parties and dark places, plus it is a bit safe for our young children.


Kitchen Design

In choosing the barstool to put in your kitchen, you need to ponder what perfectly blends with the existing interior design. There are several styles, colors, and functions, but pick the barstool that will align with your goals, like incorporating nature, creating a bigger space, or making the kitchen a bit striking with some contemporary panaches.

It may sound a bit obvious, but the RGB Glow Barstool can be more than just a stool. If strategically placed in a dark portion of the room, it can serve as your night lamp or light accent. You can also benefit from its color-changing function for midnight parties or nightlife celebrations.



Length: 60 cm.

Width: 60 cm.

Height: 92 cm.

Weight: 9.24 kg. or 20.37 lbs.

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