Curved Light-up Bar Counter Table

Brand: Colorfuldeco
Manufacturer: Colorfuldeco

LED Bar Furniture looks amazing around a table, scattered about for space-age lighted seating, or put 4 pieces together to make a color-morphing coffee table sure to blow away party guests. With Big LED  Furniture, the home is where the art is. To charge your LED  Furniture, connect it to the AC adapter, plug it into the wall, and let sit for a few hours.

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Overview Of The Curved Light-up Bar Counter Table

LED Glowing Curved Light-up Bar Counter Table will give your next event, lounge party, or wedding the wow factor! led light furniture is Ideal for bars, nightclubs, parties, wedding decorations.

These Tables light up and illuminate in 16 different colors and have effects such as flash and fade, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance and atmosphere whether it be relaxing or upbeat.

Curved Light-up Bar Counter Table 2

Special Features

The Smart & Green LED Glow Coffee Table is a great accent to any event space, deck, VIP booth, outdoor oasis, or backyard BBQ. Looks great during the day, but at night, allow the Table to emit its own light. With this mobile bar counter table, make talking with others a focal point of your event. Bring people together with a subtle and inviting light for any location. The table is waterproof, so it can thrive in both indoor and outdoor settings. Color settings are virtually endless.

More Info Of Light Up Bar Counter

Choose from White Light, Candle Effects, or one of 160,000 colors. You can select a different color every night for years to come! Due to its impressive craftsmanship, this light-up bar counter furniture can be dropped, submerged. And banged around without it losing its brand-new feel. We make this waterproof furniture for life next to the pool. With high-efficiency lighting and durable quality sustainable materials being a top priority for this product. This furniture can be submerged in water up to 6 feet and can have the color changed however often you want, with Bluetooth-capable devices.

Just hook the table up to a preferred device and you will be ready to go! High impact construction is made possible with Polyethylene plastic which does not fade, discolor or crack in the sun like other plastics, and its strong surface allows for both day and night use.

Where to use it:

This LED bar counter light can be used at the KTV lobby, Coffee Bar, Night shop, Disco, Club, Park, Garden, Swimming pool, Villa. And in Cinema, Plazza, Beach, Indoor Garden, Supermarket, Private villas, Pub, Private courtyard. Also, in Restaurants, Weddings, hotels, Home party events. And in Swimming Pool as decorations, it is perfect for gardens, outdoor events.


Length: 130 cm.

Width: 60 cm.

Height: 110 cm.

Weight: 25 kg. 

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