Y Shaped LED Light-up Bench

Brand: Colorfuldeco
Manufacturer: Colorfuldeco

Classy in clean white, the Y-shaped LED light-up bench from Colorfuldeco is designed to give comfortable lighting options with its white light and warm tones. There is a handful of chairs available in the market, modular outdoor led furniture that boasts different shapes and sizes, but the simplicity of this white bench makes it exceptional for it exudes a luxurious ambiance that can match any interior design. 

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Y Shaped LED Light-up Bench

With ample light and unique design, you can maintain balance and harmony indoors or outdoors using the Y-Shaped LED Light-up Bench. As the name states, it has the shape of the letter “Y,” a very symbolic letter that connotes the love for discoveries. 

This led light up stools is ideal outdoors as it allows more people to sit with ample space for everyone. It is beautiful at night, cozy with its smooth surface, and looks neat in its dainty white color.

The Symbolic “Y”

Y is the penultimate letter in the alphabet, but when it comes to style and utility, it is the best led furniture piece to have for a great nightlife outside. You can place it on your patio, and it can make dull outdoors well-lit and amazingly beautiful. Plus, you do not have to worry about your guests, since the Y led bench can comfortably sit up to ten (10) people. 

In ancient times, the letter “Y” means Utopia or independence. However, when it comes to design, it is better off with other pieces of furniture. The Y-shaped stool is an elegant item that matches with the other elements. It goes well with home decors because of its sleek look that naturally blends.


Easy Upkeep

Despite its weight of around forty-five kilograms (45Kg), this kind of modular outdoor led furniture is easier to maintain because of its durability. It will not rust since it does not have iron, and it will not absorb water like the fabric ones. Exposure to sun or rain is not a big deal also since Polyethylene can endure the changing weather.
So, you are looking for a poolside bench? The Y-shaped led stool is a great option too! It is water-resistant and not easily damaged by the heat of the sun.



Length: 242 cm.

Width: 191 cm.

Height: 47 cm.

Weight: 45 kg. or 99.21 lbs.

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