Three Side LED Light-up Stool

Brand: Colorfuldeco
Manufacturer: Colorfuldeco

The contemporary minimalist design of the Three-Sided LED Light-up Stool of Colorfuldeco shows a bit of playfulness with its attempt to cater to group gatherings. It can be a good innovation for your office, your kid’s study area, or your garden. If utilized as a led coffee table furniture, you are surely getting an optimal space.

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Three Side LED Light-up Stool

Are you looking for a multi-purpose geometric home decor? Then the Three Side LED Light-up stool from Colorfuldeco is an excellent choice for you.

It is a led coffee table furniture in default white, but it can be an extra bench for your kids too. LED table or LED bench, this is an excellent addition to your house since it has led lights that make it great to use day or night.

The lights exude cool white and warm hues. There is a remote control so you can turn it on and off from afar. With a polyethylene body, the three-side stool can withstand rain showers outdoors. With its geometric charm, you may place it in the middle of your garden as a waiting bench or on your balcony to enjoy the view.

A Top Trend

In recent years, abstract and geometric designs have been a form of self-expression with furniture pieces. The home design became a person’s extension of character.

The common thing about these interior design transformations is the importance of lighting and function. In line with this trend, the three-side led light-up stool became a distinctive piece that perfectly fits the modern living room, business offices, or kids study area.

Polygon Pattern

Although it has an irregular shape, the led coffee table furniture shows off its cutting-edge design more than our classic polygon. It tries to address space-saving concerns and functionality by utilizing a small area for three.

If you enjoy working with friends or having a good chat but are not interested in seating side by side, then ¡Hola! Colorfuldeco has a perfect seat for you.

Its three sides somehow depict that it can cater to more than two persons. One can still maintain his privacy despite being seated on just one led light up bench since the design stylishly provided a space for each person.

It can also be spliced together with other products to form a curved led lounge stool. For example, splicing with LED Lounge Stool Square.

Three Side LED Light-Up Stool splicing with LED Lounge Stool Square



Length: 120 cm.

Width: 115 cm.

Height: 42 cm.

Weight: 25 kg. or 55.12 lbs.

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