Light-up Bar Stools

Brand: Colorfuldeco
Manufacturer: Colorfuldeco

The Light-up Bar Stool from Colorfuldeco is a multifunctional furniture piece you will like. You want some extra chairs to sit on? Use it as a barstool. Want to improve the quality of your sleep? Use this color-changing furniture as a night lamp. Or maybe, you want to maximize some rooms and brighten up space? Then you’ve got a stunning home décor in place. The best part will always be its clever design and excellent functionality.

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Light-up Bar Stools

Multifunctional furniture can help maximize spaces. The Light-up Bar Stools from Colorfuldeco is one of these versatile pieces that may adapt extraordinarily to the kind of setting we have.

If you are thinking of transforming some areas in your house to have ample space for your guests, maintaining a light-up bar stool can be of great help. It can serve as a led stool and a night lamp at the same time. The unique contemporary design of this led footstool may also appear as home decor and save space from clutters.

Light-up Bar Stools

A Lamp, A Stool, Or A Decor?

For homes with limited floor spaces, you may solve the problem with clutters by opting to go with pieces of furniture that have multifunction. With the light-up bar stool, you can optimize your bedroom by removing unnecessary lamps that work the same way at night. This Light-up stool uses LED lights which provide softer and warmer hues that can improve sleeping habits.

These are also perfect for the garden or patio. Its material is polyethylene plastic, so you can be sure that these are waterproof. Hence, the built-in lights are safe from getting wet.

As a stool, you can use the principal function of the bar stool as an extra seat in the living room, the countertop, the bar, or the poolside area. The light-up bar stool is also good LED decorative furniture. It shows from its manner of creation that the led bar stool was made stunningly beautiful for making it a stand-alone art piece when not in use.

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Led decorative furniture is a portable, functional and stylish piece. Its slim shape makes it perfect for small rooms because it occupies lesser space. You can count on these light-up bar stools during events or small gatherings, and they can be strikingly eye-catching because of their sleek and subtle elegance.



Length: 40 cm.

Width: 39 cm.

Height: 84 cm.

Weight: 7.34 kg. or 16.18 lbs.

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