LED Light-up Bar Chair

Brand: Colorfuldeco
Manufacturer: Colorfuldeco

Architectural elements are coming into play with Colorfuldeco’s LED Light-up Bar Chair. Its sleek design and lighting feature can help make your space class with a warm attitude. With an emphasis on its decorative style, this LED Chair furniture beats the scarcity in smoothness with its curvy, flowy, and simple edges.

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LED Light-up Bar Chair

Colorfuldeco’s LED Light-up Bar Chair is a combination of aesthetics and functionality. It is indoor lighting that can function as a led bar chair with an inspiring flair and versatility.

LED Light-up Bar Chair

It will be an understatement to consider it a mere additional seat since it is instant glam lighting that can add a modern feel to your overall design. If you love taking photos or videos, this can make your background look attractive too. You don’t have to splurge buy because you will have a seat and efficient lighting in just one furniture piece.

Polyethylene Material

The LED Light-up Bar Chair is a classy item to decorate the bedroom or living area. You can also use it near the poolside or the beach since its material is waterproof and can endure scorching heat.

Just like the LED Light-up Plastic Light Armchair, this led bar chair is using durable plastic. Hence, it is smooth to touch in its shining white body, easy to clean, and naturally stylish.

It uses a rechargeable battery that can last for long hours. So you can use the LED Light-up chair as a bedside table or an accent decor in the foyer.


A Multi-Purpose Work Of Art

Equipped with changing led colors, you can use it for various purposes, and it will stand out every time. It can be a solid LED bar furniture piece in your bar area, a coffee stool, or a mood light. Perhaps, this sophisticated led chair can be anything you want. 

LED Light-up Bar Chair 1

When it comes to lighting, the LED Light-up Bar Chair can make your home warm and cozy. As the night falls, you can use it for your party. It can upscale your interior, and it blends with the minimalist trend. Whether you are after glam or function, this piece is truly worth buying. It can gently illuminate your space decently and elegantly.



Length: 56 cm.

Width: 46 cm.

Height: 104 cm.

Weight: 8 kg. or 17.637 lbs.

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