Hexagonal Light-up Stool

Brand: Colorfuldeco
Manufacturer: Colorfuldeco

The Hexagonal Light-up Stool is a new development from Colorfuldeco. Its stylish look and edgy sides show its modular structure that allows various compositions for your needs. You may use it as light-up stool furniture, a coffee table, or a bed if you know what I mean. Endless possibilities to create your choice of style with the furniture piece.

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Hexagonal Light-up Stool

The Hexagonal Light-up Stool is a fresh look to showcase subtle classicism when dealing with geometrical pieces of furniture. It can brighten up the dining or living area without using up too much space with its dimensional hexagon surface. 

The hexagonal light-up stool can elevate the overall look of your space with its expansive shape. It can be a great focal asset in the foyer, bar area, kitchen, living, and dining. With its contemporary feel, you may also enjoy using this in your bedroom as a nursery night light to help your baby sleep. 

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The Honeycomb Design

The rotational symmetry with every side of the hexagonal light-up stool makes it easier to stack side by side. So, you can create a big plane from this fashion-forward hexagonal stool which makes this led stools furniture a good buy in bulk.

It basically has no space for holes. Hence, you can easily create a larger surface for other purposes. With its height at 50cm, think outside the box and use this beautiful piece as a coffee table. Stack up more, and you can even create a bed for a quick nap. 


Hexagonal LED Light Furniture

Aside from its unique shape, this geometric item is also a led light furniture piece. So, this hexagonal light-up stool can brighten up dark corners in your living room or serve as your bedside lamp in your private space. 

It displays color variation that you can change with just a flick of a button. The LED lights of this hexagonal light-up stool are safe with its enclosed bottoms, so you can also bring it outdoors. With its different light options, you can switch to a relaxing vibe in your living space or bedroom.

If you place this hexagonal stool in your garden area, you can be sure that this will look fascinating, and you may even be surprised to see your outdoors in a different light. If you want to see some other geometric LED furniture. Click here to learn more.



Length: 52 cm.

Width: 52 cm.

Height: 50 cm.

Weight: 5 kg. or 11.02 lbs.

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