LED Lounge Stool Square

Brand: Colorfuldeco
Manufacturer: Colorfuldeco

Surprisingly, you can have natural lighting inside your home without drilling skylights or windows around the house. The LED Lounge Stool Square can provide warmer hues like that of natural light. Colorfuldeco’s color-changing led bench has a pumpkin light option that can improve our mental health. Pumpkin in the sense that it boasts warmer light tones that promotes quality sleep at night. 

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LED Lounge Stool Square

A LED bench stool is a simple piece of furniture we can use for various purposes, often lackluster and pushed aside, but this is not the case with the LED Lounge Stool Square from Colorfuldeco.

A color-changing led bench that is gorgeous in white. Its smooth and flat surface makes it great for a minimalist home. And given that it can light up a place, this led stool can be utilized at nighttime.

A Stunning Exterior

They said all stools are grey in the dark, but I guess it’s different with the Led lounge stool because it can shine and make things look greater under the moonlight.

The LED lights inside the stool set it apart from the rest. It is battery-operated, so your safety from electrical wiring is prioritized. Although its design is very plain, behind its simplicity is a beautiful surprise that will make everyone happy, especially if you have kids at home.

Whether you use it as a stool or as a table, this sweet white bench is what you need if you want extra chairs to sit on. The great thing about it is that it is waterproof, durable, and portable, so there is no problem if you forgot to bring it indoors.

Simply Striking Led Lights

The led stool square can turn your home into a dreamy place with its modern style. Led technology made it possible to change the brightness by controlling the colors of the LED bulbs.

Our color-changing led park long bench is a great light accent inside the bedroom. You can place it at the end of the bed as your mood light, and with its natural lighting hue, you can feel a pinch of positivity in you.

With a LED lounge stool bench, it is easier to adjust lights and lessen your stress because it promotes health benefits through alterations in your environment.



Length: 57 cm.

Width: 32 cm.

Height: 37 cm.

Weight: 5.24 kg. or 11.55 lbs.

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