LED Pillow Low Easy Table

Brand: Colorfuldeco
Manufacturer: Colorfuldeco

At LED Furniture Colorfuldeco, we design and manufacture elegant LED furniture that will transform any space into a modern masterpiece. We offer several lines of lighted tables in many forms: coffee tables, cocktail tables, side tables, wall tables, and portable bars. Do you have a design in mind that isn’t here? We can build just about anything – just call us for a quote!

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Overview Of The LED Pillow Low Easy Table

LED Pillow Low Easy Table blends innovation and fashion, art and function, table and lamp into one must-see combination. And Designed by Colorfuldeco, this table combo offers ambient LED indirect lighting while also serving as a surface.

So, Place it beside the sofa, in the home office, Or in the bedroom as an unexpected twist on the bedside table. And this table brings contemporary flair to any room in the home. And in small urban condos and compact homes, this two-in-one furnishing. Also, will be appreciated twice as much, freeing up floor space for other essentials.

So, the remote is a 44-button IR remote control that provides you with preset colors and various configuration options including:
Moreover Color Fade Mode.
And Fade Speed Control.
Brightness Adjustment.
Likewise Flashing Pulse Control.


1.    General Information
Type:Also,  commercial Bar furniture
ModelLED Pillow Low Easy Table
Product Name:Moreover, Rechargeable illuminated led coffee table for bars home decoration
Brand Name:Colorfuldeco
Product Material:Likewise PE (Poly Ethylene), eco-friendly
Production process:Also, Rotational molding
Powered by:And rechargeable Lithium battery
Lighting source:Moreover, High brightness RGB LED
 ColorAlso, 16 selected color and 4 flash modes: flash, strobe, fade, smooth
Charging time:Likewise 4-6 hours
Operating time:Also, 9-10 hours
IP rating:Moreover, IP67 can be used outdoor
Control:Likewise Infrared remote control
General Accessory:Moreover, Remote control, Adapter (US, BS, EU, AU…)


The LED Coffee Table standard dimensions:

Model: C173A
Long: 62 cm
Wide: 62 cm
Height: 20 cm
Weight: 4 kg
Besides, we offer different heights of led coffee tables for you to choose from.

Model: C173B LED coffee table; Long: 62 cm;   Wide: 62 cm; Height: 56 cm
Model: C173C LED coffee table; Long: 62 cm; Wide: 62 cm;   Height: 76 cm
Model: C173D LED coffee table; Long: 62 cm; Wide: 62 cm;   Height: 96 cm 
Model: C173E LED coffee table;   Long: 62 cm; Wide: 62 cm;   Height: 106 cm




  • Moreover, Energy-saving, Low carbon, environment friendly, and rechargeable
  • UV resistant can be used indoor and outdoor
  • Also Multicolor by remote control, more conveniently and more fashionable
  • Modern design, light up your mood and decorate anywhere
  • Also Different shapes and size
  • Likewise Easily to be cleaned by alcohol
  • And Safety, Low voltage
  • Likewise Inductive charging, easier your use
  • Moreover, RGB multi-color changing can set it to one certain color.
  •  Also, With remote control&Press Button control.
  • Moreover, Rechargeable lithium battery (2000MAh) DC:5V1A.
  • Likewise,  RGBW LED Quantity:12PCS RGB+12PCS White.
    Also, Charge/Use time:6-9hours/8-10hours


Where to use:

  1. And Swimming Pools, Gardens.  And other public areas Creating a special event in hotels.
  2. Also, Private villas, Private courtyard. And in restaurants and nightclubs.
  3. Likewise in Events/Parties/Product. Also, in Launches/Exhibition. Moreover, Retail, Display/Wedding. Because in Ceremonies/Corporate Displays

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