LED Apple Ball Chair Small, 46x46x40cm, D116

Brand: Colorfuldeco
Manufacturer: Colorfuldeco

A small chair that exudes a huge impact aesthetically, the LED Apple Ball Chair Small 46x46x40cm will not let you get trapped inside your home. You can bring it outdoors and be seated with comfort while enjoying the sun. Its power to withstand the changing weather will give you a relaxing time to feel the wind in style.

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LED Apple Ball Chair Small 46x46x40cm

The LED Apple Ball Chair Small 46x46x40cm is true to its name. It looks like an apple with a shape of a ball. This cute piece of charm is an excellent addition to small spaces like the play area and private rooms at home, but you can also integrate them as extra seats in hotel lounges, bars, and spas.

Making the most out of a small floor area is challenging but possible. The small apple ball chair is a combination of luxury and novel trends. You are in for a modern vibe that caters to your needs without sacrificing comfort and style. 


LED Light Quality

Let’s take a closer look at why this small furniture piece can make sweeping changes in restyling your home. The apple ball chair can withstand weather changes because of its strong material, Polyethylene. So, direct sunlight outdoors or sudden rain showers will not cause you to panic.

It embraces a led lighting system in its body which explains why it can change colors to brighten up your space. You don’t have to worry about long hours of use because these led bulbs do not emit heat. Thus, they will not melt the chair or cause a fire. 

Hence, whether you are setting up for a party or transforming the look of your patio or balcony, this glow apple ball chair, or you can say to be led light up stool will be a comfortable seating option for your outdoors.


Effortlessly Sophisticated

Honestly, the led apple ball chair is a minimalist material that can blend in almost all places. You can have it in the bedroom, living area, balcony, or even in your kid’s playroom. It is versatile and of quality. With its size, it’s a perfect solution to issues with space-saving. 

Its chic style is captivating, and the lights that make it glow will make it more inviting. 


Length: 48 cm.

Width: 48 cm.

Height: 42 cm.

Weight: 4 kg. or 8.82 lbs.

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