LED Apple Ball Chair Medium, 56x56x46cm, D116A

Brand: Colorfuldeco
Manufacturer: Colorfuldeco

The LED Apple Ball Chair Medium 56x56x46cm has a minimalist style that shows sleek neutrality in design. With the LED lights to accentuate its apple shape, you can feel warmth and softness despite its hard case. In its medium size, it will fit well in your living area, bedroom, or foyer. Experience a touch of hygge any time of the day.

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LED Apple Ball Chair Medium 56x56x46cm

This piece of LED furniture is an art decoration because of its sensational lines and intimate look. But more than what captivates our eyes- it is multifunctional and versatile. The LED Apple Ball Chair Medium 56x56x46cm has an aura of sophistication and style.

Premium Materials Used

Its luxurious glimpse is because of the fine materials used to create it. It can withstand abrupt weather changes since it is of polyethylene. So, you can bring LED Apple Ball Chair out in the open and sit on it even during rain showers. 

At night, you will be fascinated with the led lights that flash a refreshing mood for the white and a romantic ambiance for the warmer hues. These led lights are energy-efficient can assure you that they can last for a long duration. So, if you want to host a party or chill out for a celebration, you can rely on its changing lights for an impressive display. 

Indoor Lighting Furniture

A distinct contemporary furniture piece to redesign your place. The LED Apple Ball Chair Medium 56x56x46cm can be a stellar attraction in your living area or bedroom. 

If you appreciate simple comforts in your domestic space, you will treasure this led chair since it evokes simplicity while invigorating positivity. Its white outer shell makes it easier for you to clean and maintain. Hence, with proper storage and use, it can last for years in an indoor setting. 

If you wish to invite guests or hold an event, this can be a great seat two people may share. With the combination of perfect lighting, functionality, and portability, you can be sure that this led stool furniture piece is one to have if parties are your cup of tea. 

So grab your wine glass and turn the music on. Grab your favorite food, and let your LED Apple Ball Chair Medium 56x56x46cm set the mood. 


Length: 58 cm.

Width: 58 cm.

Height: 47 cm.

Weight: 5.64 kg. or 12.43 lbs.

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