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Manufacturer: Colorfuldeco

Colorfuldeco’s Led Park Long Bench will fit whatever design you want to make. It is an outdoor waterproof led RGB garden bench that can be a statement piece in your garden, patio, or balcony. It can sit your entire family for a relaxing and comfortable scenery.

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LED Park Long Bench

Often we are attracted to unique designs with sleek lines, the LED Park Long Bench is not something new to the eyes, but it can surprisingly utilize its lighting function to make the outdoors noticeably bright. 

No striking shapes but only pure linear style, this waterproof LED RGB garden bench furniture boasts a cutting-edge lighting effect with thousands of LED lights. With its push-button remote, you can change the ambiance into whatever setting you like, and you don’t have to bring outlets since its battery storage is one of a kind. 

LED Park Long Bench

The Colorfuldeco RGB system LED furniture gives you more than ten (10) colors to choose from, warm hues, white light, red, green, or blue. So, you can configure your lighting system depending on the season.

RGB system of LED Park Long Bench

A Garden Accent

Long enough to provide seats to a group, the LED Park Long Bench fixture is a perfect pathway lamp for your patio. The rain showers and scorching heat will not be an issue, the led bench furniture is water-resistant, and its shell is durable too!

 In selecting the lights necessary to develop your backyard or balcony nicely, a key element is its functionality. It’s a good thing that you can save space with the led bench since it may serve as your bench and night lamp. 


Uniquely Yours

With utmost respect to designers and artists, we can also make our surroundings beautiful with our personal touch and lighting plan. So, if you wish to have the Led Park Long Bench indoors, you can incorporate it strategically to make it outstanding. 

Perhaps, use a red carpet to look chic or place it in front of a colorful painting for a contemporary look without overwhelming designs. Sometimes, following a simple rule is the best thing to try, “less is simple.” Embrace simplicity and create a home that suits your style.

If you enjoy this multifunctional bench but want a different style, do check out our Cloud Lava Bench with almost the same design.

If you love things that glow furniture, find excellent led furniture pieces that match your taste and style from Colorfuldeco glow furniture. These pieces’ furniture is great for business establishments, spas, formal events, and holiday celebrations. For example, the led bench sits next to the pool and is paired with glow balls for pool. This looks perfect. LED pool stools decorate the entire sink party.



Length: 242 cm.

Width: 32 cm.

Height: 42 cm.

Weight: 50 kg. or 110.23 lbs.

LED Park Long Bench video

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