Heart Shaped Glow Stool

Brand: Colorfuldeco
Manufacturer: Colorfuldeco

Classy and clean, a white Heart Shaped Glow Stool from Colorfuldeco can get you started with your bar or garden upgrade. Quite a real statement piece. This light-up stool furniture features a quality polyethylene material that provides maximum weather changing adaptability. With its lightweight make, this furniture perfectly suits an Alfresco dining experience.

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Heart-Shaped Glow Stool

A heart-shaped glow stool is a simple element with a visually enticing vibe. Since the heart is often associated with love, it is popular with everyone of all ages. In its white color, symbolically, this item suggests kindness, purity, and sincerity.

If you are on the soft side, this light-up stool furniture can be a typical manifestation of your character. It subtly reveals your personality and your emotional state.

The White Heart

There is no doubt that once in your life, you have encountered this well-known shape. And more often, it makes you feel a bit excited and happy. 

The same thing goes with the heart-shaped stool. It is not as fancy as furniture pieces with floral designs, and yet it evokes a feeling of contentment, luxury, and style in its simple curves. 

The heart stool is perfect for the bar area, kitchen, and dining. With its ability to resist water from the rain and possible damage after being exposed to the sun, it can also be an added attraction to your poolside.

A Lounge Chair

If you love having a quick break outside, you may also find this heart-shaped stool perfect to sit on outdoors. Perhaps a lounge led stool on the balcony as you enjoy your morning coffee. You can seamlessly move this chair from indoors out since its design is versatile.

The lighting system of this Heart shaped glow stool uses led bulbs. It is remote-controlled and battery-operated. So, it means that you can seamlessly use the led chair in the garden area as well. Its portability due to the lack of electric wiring and its polyethylene material made it perfect outdoors.

The Heart-shaped stool is also rechargeable and can work for hours. Hence, you may host a party and pair it with Colorfuldeco’s  website



Length: 41 cm.

Width: 31 cm.

Height: 52 cm.

Weight: 3.5 kg. or 7.716 lbs.

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