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LED interactive floor tiles

Brand: Colorfuldeco
Manufacturer: Colorfuldeco

LED Interactive Floor Tiles, Game Interactive Color Running Sensor Floor Stepping Light

Model: J104
Size: Dia.50 x H7.5 cm
Color: 16 Colors Changing & customized color
Light Source: RGBW LED SMD5050
Material: LLDPE Plastic Material
Protection: IP65
Certification: CE RoHS UL
LED Lifespan(h): 50,000-80,000
Power: AC110-240V or rechargeable for option

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Experience the Magic of LED Interactive Floor Tiles: Transforming Spaces with Light and Movement

Introducing LED Interactive Floor Tiles – where innovation meets entertainment in a dance of light and color. Dive into a world of interactive wonder as you step onto these mesmerizing tiles that respond to touch and movement, creating an engaging experience like no other.

LED interactive floor tiles, illuminated dance floor, round lily pads shape LED floor light tiles, or disco dance floor is a floor with panels or tiles that light up with different colors. They are used for dance. They were popular for disco by the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever, which had gotten its inspiration from a floor that director John Badham had seen at “The Club”, a private supper club in Birmingham, Alabama – Wikipedia.

round interactive floor tile

Interactive LED floor tiles for Outdoor Activity Projects

LED Interactive Floor Tiles are a versatile and innovative product that can be used in a variety of outdoor activity projects. When combined with other LED furniture, such as LED seesaws and truss-mounted LED swings, they can create a truly immersive and interactive experience for users.

LED Interactive Floor Tiles, LED Seesaw, and Truss-Mounted LED Swing are three innovative LED furniture pieces that can be used to create a fun and engaging atmosphere for outdoor events. These interactive elements can be used to create a variety of games and activities that are sure to engage and entertain guests of all ages. These pieces are all weather-resistant and easy to set up, making them a great choice for a variety of events.

Light-Emitting Playground LED Furniture in New York

Interactive LED floor tiles for kids

A good dance LED floor tiles stomp lights are one of the main attractions for people. Especially for children who want to go to an amusement park, or a lighting show. Well, LED interactive floor tiles stand out when it comes to the varieties available in the market today. Most of the LED dance floor is prepared for adults. But our LED interactive floor tiles are suitable for kids. If you are looking for the best dance floor for kids to buy, the coloring changing stepping stone will be the best buy!

Controlled by phone and remote light up floor tiles

We will offer remotes to all of our light up floor tiles. If you believe that there is trouble carrying the remote, you can download an app. With this app, you choose any colors from RGB color. They come with free changing colors or interactive effects. That will dazzle your events and place them in a way you have never seen before. It combines hundreds of colors, harmoniously with spectacular and customizable, pre-set patterns.

lighted floor tiles 1

The convenience of the LED interactive illuminated floor tiles

This illuminated floor tiles is also very easy to lay, but you can still get help in the initial set up if need be. And once you install, of course, you will acknowledge that they are one of the funny items of modern technology. They will transform your spot from an ordinary meet point to a master-class clubbing spot that people will enjoy. They just take your dance experience to the level of multi-billion dollar high club.

Dancing on these led lights is like the dancing of sea of lights, all dazzling in a way that makes the experience of those dancing on it to a completely different world! And thus, whether you want the LED dance floor to buy for your lighting show, amusement park, or even an upcoming event. It’s the time you light up your dance floor with a state of the LED interactive floor tiles! In addition, adding the LED swings to make you are even more popular with kids and adults.

Colorfuldeco light up floor tiles scene video

The light up floor tiles or wall is also a way to draw attention to the event. It is used to highlight characters, stage backgrounds, a certain character, props, etc. In a deeper sense, stage lighting communicates with the audience through color, texture, and brightness. Step into a world of wonder and creativity with our groundbreaking LED Interactive Floor Tiles. These visionary tiles combine cutting-edge technology with immersive design, creating an interactive experience that captivates, engages, and leaves a lasting impression on all who encounter them.

Why Choose Our LED Interactive Floor Tiles

Interactive Delight:
Engage guests with an experience they won’t forget. The interactive element adds an extra layer of excitement to any event or venue.

Stunning Visuals:
Witness your space transform as these tiles seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with stunning visual effects, creating an immersive environment.

Top-Quality Craftsmanship:
Crafted to perfection, our LED tiles are built for durability and reliability, ensuring an enduring interactive experience.

Embrace the Future of Entertainment

With LED Interactive Floor Tiles, every step becomes an artistic expression, every movement a dance of light. Elevate your space, captivate your audience, and create unforgettable memories with Colorfuldeco’s LED innovation.


Q1. How long is the warranty?
The warranty is 1 year.
Q2. What’s PE?
Plastic PE is Polyethylene, characterized by corrosion resistance, electrical insulation (especially high, frequency insulation), low-pressure polyethylene suited to make corrosion-resistant parts and insulation parts.
Q3 Is it difficult to clean the products after use?
No, you can use alcohol or detergent to clean them, and it will look new.
Q4. What should we concentrate on when using this type of product?
Do not attempt to dismount any LED section. And don’t place it too on the brink of the hearth and heat area. Use only the charger provided by our company. Skim the user guide sheet within the package carefully before using it.

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We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “”.

Tip: For faster communication, kindly include your WhatsApp details.