LED cube seat

Brand: Colorfuldeco
Manufacturer: Colorfuldeco


LED cube seat for sale

As a seat, side table, or colorful ambience-maker at your next party, the LED Cube Seat is always fun and functional. Created of outdoor-durable polyethylene with embedded LED lights, each cube can be set to illuminate in white light, colored light or color-changing mode. Sturdy enough to be used as an extra seating piece or an accent table. Include a charging cord, remote control and batteries.

This amazing light up cube seat is the perfect outdoor/indoor light up furniture. Light up furniture is great for nighttime parties or making a fun statement in your home decor. The 16 inch LED cube seat is actually a sturdy polyethylene seat that is as practical as it is fun.

Use one glow cube in your child’s room as a unique night light that they can sit on during the day. The fascinating glow of the LED Cube seat can be set to flash, strobe, fade or smooth, and the multicolors change as 16 different colors of LED lights work their magic inside this illuminating furniture.

Controlled way of LED cube seat

Operated by remote control, this LED cube seat is sure to impress your guests at parties and will likely get lots of everyday use, too. After a full charge (around 4 hours), the LED cube will glow for 10 hours. Fully waterproof, this is the perfect patio furniture or poolside seating for late night pool parties.


Clubs and other venues look amazing when filled with these gorgeous portable, rechargeable LED cube seats. In addition, our LED cube seat are also suitable for hotel, park, restaurant, nightclub, bar and so on. They really bring a fun look to any event and make every day feel like a party! Buy several of these to make your wedding, corporate event or special party simply unforgettable!

The LED cube seat is 100% waterproof you can actually put it in the pool or leave it outside in heavy rain or even take a shower with it. The LED cube seat comes with 1-year warranty, our lighting system is replaceable. So if something happen to the lighting system. We will sent you a new lighting system and you can replace it easily.

Better quality in material and light

We create our LED cube seats like our other LED furniture from high quality materials-LLDPE. The molded polyethylene, which resists the effects of chlorine, salt water and the sun as well as LED lights. And components to give them better lifetime and better performance capability like the lighting system, rechargeable battery, and remote control.

we use more LED lights inside the cube for stronger lighting. our white light is pure white light and not like other cubes that have combination of red blue and green. That gives you a dirty white light that looks like purple.

The size of LED cube seat

Our LED cube is range from 12cm to 80cm and comfortable to seat or use as a table the thickness of our cube is thicker than the other cubes what make it stronger.

Accessary of LED cube seat

1.Includes a charging cord, remote control and batteries
2.Produces up to eight hours of light when fully charged
3.Because this contains a lithium battery, ground shipping is required

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