Outdoor Solar Light Cubes, 30x30x30cm

Brand: Colorfuldeco
Manufacturer: Colorfuldeco

The Outdoor Solar Light Cubes of Colorfuldeco has versatile settings. It can blend in your garden or backyard and provide different kinds of lighting. Its body is durable and made of waterproof polyethylene. So, you can be sure that this solar-powered glow cube can withstand heat and rain.

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Outdoor solar light cubes, 30x30x30cm

Waterproof and shock-resistant, this is the latest technology for garden lamps, and the outdoor solar light cubes 30x30x30cm is the most trusted piece in the market in recent years. 

Outdoor Solar Light Cubes 30x30x30cm

Cordless, self-charging, made up of polyethylene (plastic), and light-weight- With its new design, the solar-powered glow cube soared the market with very high demand. 

The sleek and geometric shape of the Solar Cube with its clean edges and lines can blend harmoniously into your surroundings. Its design manifests that it can withstand weather elements. 

Solar power - Solar cube light

Solar power - Solar cube light

There is a broad range of materials we can use to illuminate our outdoors. For one, garden cube lights have become on-trend for generating lesser heat and consuming lower electricity. But how about led lights coupled with solar power? 

Honestly, it’s an excellent combination! Outdoor solar light cubes use inbuilt LED lights. These LED lights source energy from a battery, wherein the converted sunlight passes off as electricity. Solar power is the secret for us to witness a warm glow in the middle of our lawn or patio. 

Another thing to be grateful for is its color-changing effect. Since the solar cubes use LED lights, you have the option to use a warmer glow from its cool white without fear of causing fire anytime throughout the night. 

Safer With Cordless

If your garden is full of flowers and grass, which they should be, it can be dangerous to install a piece of electric-powered furniture. There is a higher probability of getting electrocuted. 

Fortunately, the new design and technology of outdoor solar cubes pose lower risks than wired lights. These solar cube garden lights are solar-powered, so the electricity comes from the sun. The built-in battery stores and continuously recharges after every sun exposure. Thus, you can be sure you will not run out of resources just like that. 

Safer With Cordless led cube

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  • Model: D103B
  • Product size: 30 x 30 x 30 cm
  • Adaptor: DC 5V adapto
  • Votage: AC 100V-240V,  DC 5V
  • Material: PE & Build-in LED lampwick
  • Light: RGB Light
  • Light Color: 16colors changeable or customize a color
  • Battery: Li-ion Rechargeable Battery(2000mAH)
  • Lifespan: 50,000h-80,000h
  • Recharging Time:  3-5hours
  • Working Time: 10-20hours
  • Waterproof: IP65


Q1. Do you accept LOGO printing on the product?

Yes, we accept printing. Please send your LOGO to sales people.

Q2. How long is the warranty?

The warranty is one year,under non-human damages.

Q3. What’s PE?

Plastic PE, is Polyethylene, characterized by corrosion resistance, electrical insulation (especially high, frequency insulation), low pressure polyethylene suited to make corrosion resistant parts and insulation parts.

Q4. Is it difficult to clean the products after using?

No, you can use alcohol or detergent to clean them, and it will look new.

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