Koncord Bar Stool

Brand: Colorfuldeco
Manufacturer: Colorfuldeco

The Koncord Barstool from Colorfuldeco is an elegant and trendy chair that boasts simplicity with flawless finishing. It is perfect for your kitchen countertop or mini-bar cocktail space, but you can also have it Alfresco for your romantic date. It is a waterproof, easy to clean, and portable masterpiece of SLIDE Koncord Furniture.


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Koncord Bar Stool

The famous ergonomic, classical, and versatile seat created by a well-known designer, Karim Rashid will make any event impressive and fancy. The Koncord Bar Stool has a slim design and a well-defined form, yet it is durable, sturdy, and can make your eyes roll.

SLIDE Koncord Furniture is 100% recyclable. It is easy to clean with neutral soap and water. A caveat, however, you should avoid toxic chemicals like ethanol, acetone, and ammonia in maintenance and cleaning, as these can damage the plastic surfaces of the furniture.

This Koncord light-up seat uses a combination of an RGB lighting system and LED technology. Hence, you can be sure that the bulbs are energy-saving.

Perfect For Corporate Events

The Koncord stool is stackable, lightweight, and easy to transport. It is excellent for both indoor and outdoor functions. However, it may deform under excessive heat temperature or in case of overloading.

Most high-end celebrations are inclined to use this stool with its sleek and sensual form. It is the kind of style that can complement most spaces.

With Koncord bar stool’s backless form, people can easily engage in social conduct without swiveling their seats. Plus, you can easily hide them underneath the tables and countertops to save space.

Koncord Bar Stool 1


Excellent To Use At Home

There is a wide array of shapes and styles when it comes to led bar stools, and for most homes, it has become popular as a kitchen must-have. Surprisingly, having comfortable seats like these can encourage get-togethers in the family.

Koncord bar stools often come with LED Lighted Peak Table. They both bear sophisticated curves and color that is perfect for an alfresco dining setup at home. It can be a great addition to your patio, bar area, or pool area.

In sum, the Koncord Bar Stool is an excellent buy for houses. And with its top-tier design, it will also click in restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and bars.

Koncord Bar Stool and LED Lighted Peak Table 1


Length: 42 cm.

Width: 42 cm.

Height: 81 cm.

Weight: 6.5 kg. or 14.33 lbs.

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