Medium LED High End Table

Brand: Colorfuldeco
Manufacturer: Colorfuldeco

The magic in LED Furniture is a number of lounge furniture series available with pre-set dimensions and specifications however, we strive on custom work and we can tailor our furniture exactly to fit your needs. This includes modifying existing dimensions, integrating unique features, and even including logos and branding.

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Overview of the Medium LED High-End Table

This glorious light-up medium LED high-End table furniture is tailor-made for the nightclub circuit, lounges, and bars. The darker the interior environment, the more dramatic the lighting becomes. However, there are other applications that are equally suitable. Enliven your trade show booth with soft, glowing light. Trendy restaurants take full advantage of their cutting-edge sensibility.

The hospitality industry uses the furnishings for banquets, receptions, and other events. Event planners purchase these from us in order to rent out to private parties. Whatever the application, you can use LED tables and chairs to provide the WOW factor when it is absolutely required. Set the mood by giving visitors and patrons a reason to choose your establishment over someone else’s!

The shape of the Medium LED High-End Table

Lighted LED High-End tables are available in tallboy, square, round, and curved styles. The taller LED cocktail models offer optional tabletops made from 3/8″ thick acrylic. These provide more table space while increasing legroom — important if you plan to use pub chairs. You can purchase clear or with custom UV printing on the reverse side. We urge you to consider branding your tabletops. Adding your custom logo helps reinforce your brand, company, and products to visitors and patrons.


  • Once you charge it, then no need to worry about changing. Because assuming working time:10-12 hours.
  • Also, you can charge it on sunlight as well.
  • You are also able to enhance or reduce the LED brightness.
  • Flash/Strobe mode – makes the item of furniture flicker at a pre-set number of speeds.
  • We are providing aesthetic attraction, Fade mode – makes the chosen colors fade in and out at a chosen speed.
  • Also, we offering Power On/Power Off directly from the remote.
  • All its items are waterproof to IP67 specifications.
  • And we give full 1-Year Warranty with all our LED Furniture. We’re ensuing fully re-chargeable lithium batteries with the re-charging unit included.

The light up coffee table standard dimensions:

Model: C134F 
Long: 120 cm
Wide: 60 cm
Height: 106 cm
Weight: 35 kg
Besides, we offer different heights of led tables for sale. 
Model: C134A; Long: 120 cm; Wide: 60 cm; Height: 24 cm. Click here.
Model: C134B; Long: 120 cm; Wide: 60 cm; Height: 46 cm. Click here.
Model: C134C; Long: 120 cm; Wide: 60 cm; Height: 56 cm. Click here.
Model: C134D; Long: 120 cm; Wide: 60 cm; Height: 76 cm. Click here.
Model: C134E; Long: 120 cm; Wide: 60 cm; Height: 96 cm. Click here.

So, the magic is in the glowing lights. You get 16 color combinations with a variety of controls via the handheld remote. Choose to display a static, single color, or opt for a rainbow of colors that blend from one to the other.

Where to use

Disco/KTV/Garden/Hotel/Cafés, events, party, outdoor, swimming pool,
leisure clubs, bars, parties, bedrooms, hotels, weddings, coffee shops, etc.

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