Light-up Side Table 56cm

Brand: Colorfuldeco
Manufacturer: Colorfuldeco

Choose the perfect character piece for your bedroom, living room, and more with a range of LED Table Furniture from Made-in Colorfuldeco. We stock a variety of illuminated furniture, including bars, coffee tables, shelves, and more, so you can find the perfect matching products to accessorize your home. Find light-up furniture designs from Slide

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Overview Of The Light-up Side Table 56 cm

The lighting table Light-up Side Table 56cm is perfect for a lounge and modern ambiance. For outdoor and indoor use, a magic effect to light up gardens and patios in a wonderfully luminous way. You can create your own atmosphere by choosing a colored bulb (you can also choose the light intensity of the bulb). An extraordinarily beautiful piece of furniture for private or public areas.

In detail:

  • Variation: White
  • Brand: Slide
  • Designer : Guglielmo Berchicci
  • Colour: White
  • Material: Polyethylene, glass top
  • Weight: 88 lb
  • Characteristics : Indoor / outdoor use – 6 to 8 persons

The LED Coffee Table standard dimensions:

Model: C173B
Long: 62 cm
Wide: 62 cm
Height: 56 cm
Weight: 15kg
Besides, we offer different heights of led coffee tables for you to choose from.

Model: C173A LED coffee table; Long: 62 cm; Wide: 62 cm; Height: 20 cm
Model: C173C LED coffee table; Long: 62 cm; Wide: 62 cm;   Height: 76 cm
Model: C173D LED coffee table; Long: 62 cm; Wide: 62 cm;   Height: 96 cm 
Model: C173E LED coffee table;   Long: 62 cm; Wide: 62 cm;   Height: 106 cm



Different materials are integrated and combined into the shapes that make up the whole. The table leg each comprised of a triangle of strong stenciled veneer sheets. And each different from the others in terms of size and shape and united by the same pattern which then fits together into an aluminum framework. Production methods for this spectacular dining table employ high technology. And where the thickness of the leg structure is about 0.09″ finished in walnut veneer. And the tabletop is made out of tempered glass 0.5″ thick (available in two sizes).

Incorporating technologically advanced methodology, the Colorfuldeco Contemporary Designer Table; includes an optional lighting system strategically positioned in the leg-base of the table. When lit, the Table projects enigmatic shadows through the stenciled pattern. Also, of the table legs onto the floor, and in turn, envelopes the dining room with ardent aura”.


And Energy-saving, Low carbon, environment-friendly, and rechargeable.
Moreover, You can use UV resistance indoor and outdoor.
Also Multicolor by remote control, more conveniently and more fashionable.
Modern design, light up your mood and decorate anywhere.
Also Different shapes and sizes.
Likewise, you can easily clean with alcohol.
And Safety, Low voltage.
Likewise, Inductive charging, easier your use.

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