LED Oval Stool

Brand: Colorfuldeco
Manufacturer: Colorfuldeco

Comfort and design are not mere luxuries because they are also necessities. With the LED Oval Stool from Colorfuldeco, you will feel a pinch of homey and cozy vibe that invites positivity. In simple words, this RGB color-led stool lamp is perfect if you need some warm hues for relaxation or strobe lights at night to chill and have fun.

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LED Oval Stool

Nobody wants a crowded space. No one wants pandemonium. So, create a smooth and relaxing ambiance with furniture pieces that shows curves and comfort, like the LED Oval Stool. 

This unique piece from Colofuldeco is an RGB color-led stool lamp. So, expect a wide array of colors like red, green, and blue. Surprisingly, you may control its led bulbs using a remote. With a 5 Kilogram weight, this Oval Stool is highly portable and adjustable. You can switch to a dimmer hue whenever you want to or a party strobe light when your friends are home.

Date Under The Stars

Outdoors is the part of your home that gives you the chance to break free and breathe. You should set up a cozy patio with the led oval stool for a private space to de-stress and chill. 

Outside lounges are perfect for intimate dates, catching up with friends and loved ones under a shed or canopy. Set the mood by using the Light-up oval stool to create an eclectic and idyllic atmosphere. You may match this oval stool with a led coffee table for a more impressive pair. 


RGB LED Stool Lamp

When crafting a perfect interior led furniture that shows your character and reflects your values as a family, you have to naturally consider the lights and their aesthetic impact on the entire house. With the RGB LED Stool lamp, you can fashionably make your home invitingly cozy.

The led stool lamp can accentuate the bar area and your balcony. If you want a reading nook, you may utilize this with some comfortable fabric or carpeted floor. It will be a great addition in case you have a fireplace too. 

The beauty of the led oval stool is that it easily complements your interior décor because it is white. And its oval shape can turn it into a statement piece in your veranda, living area, or bedroom. If you also like some unique shaped LED stools, you can also check out our Color changing LED Yo-Yo stool.



Length: 42 cm.

Width: 42 cm.

Height: 47 cm.

Weight: 5.24 kg. or 11.55 lbs.

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