LED swing seat

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LED swing seat

The LED swing seat is not only a glow swing but also an impressive work of lighting. It is ideal for park, square, lighting show, event-like spaces. The LED swing seat is made of Line Low Density Polyethy(LLDPE and is illuminated by powerful LED strips within the swing. The peer also use the transparent acrylic. And we are a factory, so our price is far below other LED swing. The LED swing seat, which is safe to hanging ropes, creates a spectacular light show when it is swinging back and forth.
Although the LED swing seat is intended as a swing, it works just as well as a lamp.


Appearance of LED swing seat

In appearance, we adopt the classic cuboid shape. Regular cuboids can often give a beautiful feeling. Buy the way of glow games product, Such as the LED interactive floor tiles and LED seesaw is also beautiful! Coupled with the length of 60 cm, it is suitable for one person to sit down and does not give people a feeling of crowding.

In terms of color control, we use RGB wide color gamut. You only need to download a mobile app, you can choose your favorite from thousands of color libraries.

The traditional swing added a luminous function made of thick ropes, LED light and metal parts. The interesting part is visible during the night when this swing lights up, glowing into the darkness. It could look a little creepy when seen from inside, but I’m sure that for a kid it’s very attractive. Of course, the main purpose was to make it appealing for kids.


LED swing seat and other LED furniture factory in China

As a factory, it is one of our advantage to the peer. We can provide best price as soon as possiable! So, enquir us now!(The enquiry is on the right bottom of page)


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