LED Lounge Coffee Table 96cm

Brand: Colorfuldeco
Manufacturer: Colorfuldeco

fix  Light-up Furniture and charge the sophisticated Lithium-Ion batteries, which hold a charge on high brightness for 8+ hours. Your own personal phone takes place of an annoying remote control and allows you to turn the lights on and off, change coloration modes, or select your favorite color, from the couch, without having to get up

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Overview of the LED Lounge Coffee Table 96 cm 

This LED Lounge Coffee Table 96 cm provides more table space while increasing legroom — important if you plan to use a LED nightclub chair. And you can purchase clear or with custom UV printing on the reverse side. So, the darker the interior environment. And the more dramatic the lighting becomes. However, there are other applications that are equally suitable. So, enliven your trade show booth with a soft, glowing light of a large lounge-led light up coffee table. And trendy restaurants take full advantage of their cutting-edge sensibility. Because this cosmopolitan light-up lounge-lighted high table furniture is tailor-made for the nightclub circuit, lounges, and bars.


  • And Energy-saving, Low carbon, environment-friendly, and rechargeable.
  • Moreover, You can use UV resistance indoor and outdoor.
  • Also Multicolor by remote control, more conveniently and more fashionable.
  • Modern design, light up your mood and decorate anywhere.
  • Also Different shapes and sizes.
  • Likewise, you can easily clean with alcohol.
  • And Safety, Low voltage.
  • Likewise, Inductive charging, easier your use.

Likewise, whatever the application, you can use LED tables and chairs to provide excellently. Because the factor when it is absolutely required. So, set the mood by giving visitors and patrons a reason to choose your establishment over someone else’s! And the hospitality industry uses the furnishings for banquets, receptions, and other events. Also, event planners purchase these from us in order to rent out to private parties.

Specification of LED lounge coffee table 96cm

MaterialFurther, PE (Poly Ethylene)
ProcessAnd Rotational molding
PoweredMeanwhile Rechargeable Lithium battery
Light SourceAlso, High brightness RGB LED
Charging TimeLikewise 4-6 hours
Operating Time9-10 hours
ControlMoreover, Infrared remote control
ColorAnd 16 selected color and 4 flash modes: flash, strobe, fade, smooth

The LED Coffee Table standard dimensions:

Model: C174D
Long: 60 cm
Wide: 60 cm
Height: 96 cm
Weight: 16 kg
Besides, we offer different heights of light up coffee table for you to choose from. 
Model: C174B light up coffee table; Long: 60 cm; Wide: 60 cm; Height: 56 cm. 
Model: C174C light up coffee table; Long: 60 cm; Wide: 60 cm;   Height: 76 cm
Model: C174E light up coffee table; Long: 60 cm; Wide: 60 cm;   Height: 106 cm

Where to use:

  1. And Swimming Pools, Gardens, and other public areas Creating a special event in hotels.
  2. Also, in Private villas, Private courtyard, restaurants, and nightclubs.
  3. Likewise in Events/Parties/Product, Launches/Exhibition/Retail, Display/Wedding/Ceremonies/Corporate Displays

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