Round Illuminated LED Side Table 56cm

Brand: Colorfuldeco
Manufacturer: Colorfuldeco

Colorfudeco has the leading R&D team in the LED Furniture industry. The experience and highly efficient team can work out the user-friendly product with the latest technology as well as innovative design. R&D is the core of a company’s growth. The qualified raw material is the first step to make good quality products. Colorfuldeco pays great attention to raw materials like plastic material for rotation, LEDs for lighting, battery for power, power supply for the dance floor and stage light, etc.

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Overview of the Round Illuminated LED Side Table 56 cm

The Round Illuminated LED Side Table 56cm is one of Newgarden’s star novelties. Its round shape combines in any interior or exterior space, garden, business, or in any corner of our home. It is a very stable and modular table model, you can find it with the top cover with bamboo effect or with marble effect. In addition, it is available with a cold light, opaque white round lighting option. The model is made of polyethylene, making it light and highly resistant to extreme temperatures. It is also protected against UV rays, making the product’s life extremely long.


Style: contemporary
Material: rotomolded polyethylene base
Shape: Round
Options: LED-illuminated
Market: commercial
Location: outdoor
Color: white

The illuminated coffee table standard dimensions:

Model: C175B
Long: 66 cm
Wide: 66 cm
Height: 56 cm
Weight: 16 kg
Besides, we offer different heights of led coffee tables for you to choose from. 
Model: C175C; Long: 66 cm;  Wide: 66 cm; Height: 76 cm. 
Model: C175D; Long: 66 cm; Wide: 66 cm;  Height: 96 cm
Model: C175E; Long: 66 cm; Wide: 66 cm;   Height: 106 cm 

What’s Included w/ Each Table

Full Table & Base
Battery & Charger
Remote Control
Optional Wall Plug (To Plug Straight into the wall)

Another great feature of these tables is the option to customize with a logo or design. Whether you have a company party or your wedding date in mind, these Cocktail Tables will make a great fit! Full-color changing beat mode, and fade options included in all of DPC Event Services‘ LED furniture.

: Let you try a new furniture design LED. You can use LED luminous COffee TABLEin all indoor because it waterproof. She became the indirect lighting your, ambient lighting…… Necessary to decorate your living room, bedroom, balcony garden, swimming pool, etc… The remote controller has the advantages of compact structure, lightweight, a simple click will allow you to change your mood. Low power design elegant LED, the object is the ecological and economic benefits.

Pair the LED Round Coffee Table with the rest of our LED furniture to create an enchanting look at your next party or event. This LED table will create a vibrant atmosphere. The LED light is located at the bottom of the table. Charger and remote are included. The charge for the LED Round Table lasts up to 8 hours.

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