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Light up cubes

There are many sellers selling light up cubes online now. Their quality is average, but the price is usually very high. Therefore, from the customer’s perspective, it is necessary to shop light up cubes directly from the factory. And we are exactly the factory.

Our light up cubes are great as decorative light in hotel, restaurant, nightclub furniture, and much more. We recommend these for people who are serious about their events. Constructed with thick PE this table’s presence commands attention. This is not cheap plastic but solid acrylic throughout; strong and heavy.

This is solid cast PE that will last a lifetime and will not yellow over time. It has a high gloss finish with a smooth reflective white surface.

Always remember that we are the factory. This means we build these to any size, shape, or custom dimensions you have without an extra charge (excluding materials). We can brand these products with your organizations logos and graphics in house.

Our high end glow cube looks stunning during the day, but really comes to life at night, as you select which color suits you best. It will most certainly fit with your lighting scheme, giving you over 160,000 hours of multi colors to choose from, make your furniture live the way you want to see it, putting you in control of the colors you see.

Feature of light up cubes

Multiple function
Waterproof light up cubes with durable PE shell. Multi-colored LED light glowing cube which has built-in rechargeable battery, safe change via the included AC adapter. Support total 16 different color tones and 4 lighting modes – flash, strobe, fade & smooth. All functions are controlled by Infrared remote control or buttons on the bottom of the light.

Portability of light up cubes
Portable and no installation required, multiple decoration for house, garden, pond, dining room, landscape, and party, etc. You may place it somewhere as your favor, create a temperate atmosphere for personal space. Cute cube shape LED emit multicolor glowing light.

Brilliant battery
High efficient and energy saving, charge 4-6 hours can work 8-12 hours. Battery Standby Time reaches up to 7 months. Environmental style without radiation and air pollution. Perfectly for home decoration, suitable for boys & girls bedroom, living room, and balcony, etc.

This amazing LED cube seat is the perfect outdoor/indoor light up furniture. Light up furniture is great for nighttime parties or making a fun statement in your home decor. The 17 inch glowing LED cube is actually a sturdy polyethylene seat that is as practical as it is fun.

Use one in your child’s room as a unique night light that they can sit on during the day. The fascinating glow of the cube can be set to flash, strobe, fade, or smooth, and the multicolors change as 16 different colors of LED lights work their magic inside this illuminating furniture.

Operated by remote control, this LED cube seat is sure to impress your guests at parties and will likely get lots of everyday use, too. After a full charge (around 4 hours), the LED cube will glow for 10 hours. Fully waterproof, this is the perfect patio furniture or poolside seating for late night pool parties.

Clubs and other venues look amazing when filled with these gorgeous portable, rechargeable LED cube seats. They really bring a fun look to any event and make every day feel like a party! Buy several of these to make your wedding, corporate event or special party simply unforgettable!

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