LED Light Up Letters D, Colorfuldeco

Brand: Colorfuldeco
Manufacturer: Colorfuldeco

The exterior material of the led light up letters D is PE. We can fix them on the exterior walls, walls, and roofs of buildings. Custom options are available for multiple applications. Very elegant, one of the best ways to display the building number and brand name in one of the most fashionable ways. Helps to improve appearance.

Are you looking for single letters to display your subject? Do you want to make the colorful letters that decorate your event unique? If you want to plan an event, come on, our glow letters can realize your dream!

LED light up letters D

LED light up letters D are a great way to decorate your next event and add a personal touch. You can spell out a partner’s name, a brand, or something else you want to promote.

Our LED light up letters D for supply worldwide is available in all letters of the alphabet, from A-Z. We are the provider with sufficient products of beautiful LED letters in China. We maintain all letters and multiple quantities of typical letters as well as vowels, so on many events we will certainly have what you’re wanting to define available.

The Colorfuldeco small led letters come with a remote controller and permit you to select from 16 various colors. You can establish a repaired color, or they can slowly transition with a mix of shades. If you alter the design, you might make the letter faded in between colors, flash or continue to be still. The wagers component is they are cordless and can be put anywhere, with an interior battery inside providing 6-8 hrs of illumination.Because they are cordless, can be put close or much apart. They are likewise water resistant, enabling them to be positioned inside as well as outside.

led light up letters D-2

Basic information of led letters signage

Model: A186-D
Size: 47.5 x 10 x 81 cm, or & customizes size 
Adaptor: Input:110V-240V, Output: DC 5V
Material: PE & built-in LED lampwick
Light color: RGB 16 colors changeable
Battery: Li-ion rechargeable battery
Waterproof level: IP 65 for indoor and outdoor use like wet weather,but not in water

Application led letters for sale

Our glow letters are broadly used in various event, for example, Entertainment: amusement park, Cinema, Birthday, dancing party, festival decoration, Christmas decor, music concert, wedding, company events, gift, design, project, wholesale or retail
Garden, patio, home bar, living room, villas, swimming pool, private courtyard, hotel, restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, tea house, plaza, and so on.

At the same time, if you match other outdoor products, such as LED illuminated Swing and LED illuminated Seesaw, the patio or park will become more beautiful and attractive!

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Q1. Do you accept LOGO printing on the product?

Yes, we accept printing. Please send your LOGO to salespeople.

Q2. How long is the warranty?

The warranty is 1 year.

Q3. What’s PE?

Plastic PE is Polyethylene, characterized by corrosion resistance, electrical insulation (especially high, frequency insulation), low-pressure polyethylene suited to make corrosion-resistant parts and insulation parts.

Q4. Is it difficult to clean the products after use?

No, you can use alcohol or detergent to clean them, and it will look new.

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